Welcome to King Steel factory for sanitary ware & flexible hoses. We are honoured to offer you a product behind thirty years of experience and excellence in the field of sanitary ware where we are always masterful to be out of the competition with a promising administration with a main goal which is to satisfy customers. We work hard to maximize our sales and to enter the market with a high quality product to get all customers satisfaction that our a deep faith is by providing the customer requirements is consider the shortest way which leads to success. Through the past years we were able to achieve great success in this market which is characterized by high competition by the implementation of this policy..

Our Raw Materials

We work with the finest raw materials imported from the major international companies.

Our Equipments

The factory is equipped with the latest production, lab technology in the world

Our Production

Is controlled in all the stages by the best cadres and equipment to match the global standards.

Our cadres

We have expert staff with high level of training, skill and professional qualification.

Our Products

Are the best in the quality and the finest that they combine between the durability, good shape and accurate design.

Our Quality

We have the highest local and international certificates.

Address & contact details

Chairman: Mr. Desoky Taha Ghorab
Factory Address: Industrial Zone piece 33 block 10 – New Damietta – Egypt.
Mobile:Mob : +2 01226877791
Phone:Tel : +2 057 2424204
Phone:Tel : +2 057 2424142